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20th C. Clippers On The Open Sea, Signed By P J Boville

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Large 20 th c. " Clippers On The Open Sea" Signed lower right by P J Boville, oil on canvas. Size approx. 90 x 120 cm without frame and 110 x 135 cm with frame.
P J Boville is an artist who live and work at Teeside, Yorkshire. Philip J. Boville is a successfully established fine artists with world-wide clients in both the private and public sectors. He often receives commissions from museums and corporate enterprise for his documentary and industrial art. Chiefly self-taught his style tends to be toward the impressionist with the emphasis on light and drama in his landscapes and seascapes.
In his gallery on ?FINE ART AMERICA? Philip J. Boville provides a rare opportunity to own a print of his more personal work from his experiences in the English landscape.

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