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The Antique Stores is a sustainable online marketplace platform offering enthusiasts the opportunity to market their businesses, keep track of their financial and stock records and buy/sell antiques and collectables.

To build our brand, our website is free to use but we are looking to introduce a £1 listing fee in the future. Due to our desire to create a club where buyers and sellers talk to each other directly, there is no payment system in place and payments must be organised outside of the website.

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Core Features

  • Upload and edit your objects on our site.
  • Write blogs and articles about objects of particular interest.
  • Promote your business and website online.
  • Obtain a free backlink to your website.
  • Automate your financial records with our inbuilt record keeping system.
  • Link your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to our store.

AI Features

Our goal is to make uploading items as easy and simple as possible. We achieve this by utilizing cutting-edge AI and the latest technologies to simplify the process of uploading objects to our website. We have incorporated ChatGPT to spell-check and auto-generate descriptions, and we have integrated the revolutionary REMBG, which removes the background from uploaded objects. In the future, we will be looking at incorporating voice-to-text recognition to further simplify the listing process.

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The Antique Stores About Us

Who Are We?

The Antique Stores is a business founded and led by entrepreneur Gregory. Motivated by realising that there was a gap in the industry, Gregory pursued his vision and established this venture. Gregory's participation in the BBC Show 'The Apprentice 2023' has brought additional recognition to the business and half a decade since its founding, the website now hosts over £100k + worth of objects and hundreds of buyers and sellers who frequently use the website.

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Our Mission

Our ambition is to create a central antiques emporium that connects multiple antique stores to a single marketplace, saving both customers and store owners valuable time. We believe by linking everyone's websites to the emporium, individual stores can avoid the need to list their antique objects on multiple sites. This streamlines the process, allowing customers to easily browse and access a diverse collection of authentic artifacts from various eras and styles, all in one centralized hub. This time-saving approach revolutionizes the antique shopping experience and provides increased exposure and access to a wider customer base for each participating store.

Wanted Services

We also manage an 'antiques wanted' page where interested parties can submit requests. We will then inform dealers across the country through a monthly newsletter in case they have the requested item and are looking to sell. This service is completely free of charge. To submit a request, click here, or scroll to the bottom of the page and subscribe to our monthly newsletter, where we'll keep you informed about any sought-after antiques.

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Website Design Services

As professional website designers who also work in the antiques industry, we know exactly what our clients are looking for. If you are after a website, click here to find out more about on what we offer.