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A Lady's Bourdaloue, Blue & White Transfer Printed

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A fascinating piece, and a real old fashioned kind of 'functional' antique. It was manufactured by John Meir, at the factory in Glasgow and was designed, specifically, for a lady to use, in order to urinate, whilst she was either seated at the Dinner Table or travelling in her carriage! It dates from about 1830. Whilst it has no cracks or chips, it has been extremely well restored - the restoration of a hair line crack to one side of the rounded end is only visible under ultra violet light.

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  • Abbott Antiques is a small business selling antique and collectable quality items at affordable prices. We specialise in Curiosities, Religious pieces, Items of Provenance, miniature, rare and interesting items, although as a general dealer we sell a variety of items. Our belief is to encourage people in their collecting. We have many years of experience, having traded from our shop, various Antique Centres in Norfolk, selling both to local and international collectors and dealers. We offer also a 'finding service' and undertake research, at no extra cost. Personally, we collect little, although we are very fond of automata, having a small collection of such items.